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What is a content research.

Never run out of things to say to your audience, It’s easy to think you have exhausted all the discussion on your chosen topic.

Researching new and interesting talking points can be tiresome, and this is where  I come in. I can do the content research & leg work on your behalf. Just give me 3 keywords and I will source and research the content ideas necessary to provide you with a detailed, and relevant content brief within 24 hours.

Your content brief will consist of:

  1. Topics based on your keywords or synonym.
  2. Frequent asked questions related to your keywords.
  3. Sections (snippet of online content related to your keywords).
  4. Links.
  5. Statistics.


Your content brief will provide you with all the content ideas and resources that you will ever need to create your Google topping content. You can then repurpose this content again and again to create much more content in different formats for social media.

How you can re-use your content

  • Video – talk your written content & record to YouTube.
  • Slideshow – create a short slide show for elements of your content and post to sites like SlideShare.
  • Podcast – talk your content and upload to a podcast.  
  • infographic – images of your content to create informational image content. 
  • Whiteboard – informational animations of your content can be created.


There are just a few of the many ways you can repurpose your content to get as much leverage from a single piece of created content. 

Now with your content researched I deliver your content brief via email within 24 hours and your ready to become a content creator and this is the fun part, to digest the details of your brief and come up with exciting and vibrant content that will generate engagement from social media and your website.

It’s important here to remember content hooks into every aspect of the Internet, search engines, and data. think about it, the Internet exists as a massive catalogue of content, and as such It is essential that you use your keywords throughout your content (without keyword stuffing) to get your posts listed within the search engine results. This will lead your target audience directly to you.  Keywords will also help with content posted on the major social media networks, LinkedIn, Facebook, blog etc. etc.

Content is devoured on social media, it is what we tag, save, consume, share and interact with. The better the content the more insatiably your target audience will devour it. And our content research can help you deliver the content your audience will come back for again and again. 

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